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Home alarms installed by Hampshire’s security experts

Don’t let criminals catch you out! A1 Security Systems can help you to deter would-be thieves and intruders from targeting your home. Our range of modern and affordable home burglar alarms will deter criminals and keep your property protected.

Burglar alarms provide a highly effective way of stopping opportunistic thieves in their tracks. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until it is too late to install burglar alarms. Security professionals know that a home with a professionally installed home alarm is far less likely to be targeted by burglars than one without, which is why A1 Security Systems will design for you a home alarm system that is easy to operate, reliable and will fit your needs and your budget perfectly.

All our systems can be controlled remotely via an easy to use phone app and may be monitored to ensure police response in the event of an alarm activation.

Without a home alarm, the security of your home is at risk!

Installing a home alarm is the best way to deter break-ins and keep your property and possessions safe from criminals. A1 Security Systems can design a cost effective and reliable burglar alarm system that will protect your home and grant you peace of mind. Our systems utilise the very latest technology and operate via a wireless system, avoiding the need to trail wires throughout your home.

Our domestic security systems come with a range of customisable features and can be equipped with many different control panel options. This gives you the ability to tailor the system to your exact needs and ensure that it can be easily operated by any member of the family.

The easy way to keep burglars at bay

A1 Security Systems specialises in helping homeowners protect their property and possessions. We can supply, design and install a bespoke security system that will give you defend your home against would-be burglars and give you complete peace of mind. Our burglar alarms:

  • Have multi-zone options so you can alarm different parts of your home

  • Can be equipped with different control panel options such as key in codes or fobs

  • Provide detailed activity logs

  • Are completely tamper proof

  • Could lower the cost of your home insurance

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Stop intruders in their tracks with our range of hi-tech residential security alarms. Call us now on 01730 266 811.